The Sparkling Saga of the Swarovski Company

 The Sparkling Saga of the Swarovski Company

Not too long ago on a flight back home to Los Angeles after vacationing with my family on the East Coast, I sat next to a very interesting woman from New York. After  swarowski   mentioning to her that I design and make jewelry using Swarovski Crystals and sterling silver she started telling me that recently one of the grand-daughters of the original Swarovski’s had started designing jewelry herself, using none other than the fine Austrian crystals that her family is known for. Fortunately enough I had my laptop on the plane and was able to show my next-seat neighbor my website for my business, Love Nyla. She was quite impressed with my designs and we promised to keep in touch.

The conversation inspired me to learn a little bit about the Swarovski Crystal history. After a little digging I found out that Daniel Swarovski first cut these gorgeous crystals under the watchful eye of his father, who was a glass and crystal cutter. In 1895 Daniel registered a patent for these gorgeous crystals that were made possible by his precision cutting machine, and demand for only the highest quality crystals.

In the 1920’s during the “flapper” fashion movement another patent was made for a revolutionary product: a long ribbon of fabric with crystals already attached, which could be easily sewn onto any garment to add the pizzazz and sparkle so popular at that time.

In 1956 another patent was registered, this time by Daniel’s grandson Manfred, for the Aurora Borealis style of crystal, which has an almost imperceptible layer of metal layered within the crystal to cause a rainbow effect. This was such high fashion at the time that Manfred worked closely with Christian Dior to perfect this style.

The Swarovski family continued to closely follow the most popular trends, and in 1977 started to work with Cubic Zirconia, a manmade imitation stone that resembles a diamond. Due to its lower price a

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