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Please wait while windows configures microsoft visual studio professional 2013 free download.Install Problem: Waiting while windows configures Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable

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Starts Windows Installer. After about 30 seconds, the program starts and runs OK. It is affecting the whole suite of MS Office Previously, office was running perfectly. I have tried:. Nothing has worked so far. Odd thing is, if I start Word by double clicking on Winword. However, that does not work for Outlook. I am running Windows 7 32 bit, fully patched. Office is 32 bit. Any help would be appreciated. Using Regedit to locate the key for.

Open the Permissions window, and click on the “Advanced” button. Then select the “Owner” tab, and set the owner as “Adminstrators”. Click Apply and OK. You should now see a number of sub keys. For each sub key , right click on it to select Permissions. Click on the “Advanced” button, and then the “Owner” tab, and set the owner as “Administrators”, and click Apply and OK. On the security tab, click on the Add button. Click Apply and OK, and you should then see other users added.

I then found that not only Outlook would run without the configuration loop, but all other applications in the Office suite also ran properly using all the proper shortcuts in All Programs. Many thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, the reg key you suggested didn’t solve the problem.

I have now installed Office in a completely different computer as my licence allows , and I am getting exactly the same problem, so it does not seem to be computer specific. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Please remember that I have the problem with all applications in Office, not just Word. Latest: I have also noticed that all file associations for Office files are broken, which is odd. Manually setting them does not overcome the original problem of the Configuration process Windows Installer running every time I start any of the Office applications.

For some reason got a huge problem now with start-up – long delay. This fixes the problem keys identified in Event Viewer but other problems will likely still exist.

Check other extensions under Classes like. Mine didn’t have an owner so a warning was displayed to communicate the risk. I added Admins group as the owner then did a remove and install of Office and it is now working.

And that is how I fixed mine after many days of annoying “configure” messages. The best approach is to check the event handler I looked that the administrative events but there are other options.

It will tell you the source of the problem, i. In my case I did not install Outlook , it was. I added the permissions I actually had to add different users under the security tab and did not even had to reboot.

After trying many different things I got my Office fixed. My problem was similar to Macflash but a bunch of different registry keys. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I think the registry had other issues, as some other programs were acting a little funky. This is a fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate bit.

It turns out that the Administrators group didn’t have permissions to a bunch of registry keys. This was causing the office issue as well as some other issues. I’m not sure how this happened, as this was a fresh install last week. I noticed after I rebooted that only my admin account had permissions on the machine. So I had to go back into Users.

Add my User accounts to the Users Group. The accounts were still there, they just weren’t associated to groups in this pc. I wonder how that happened. YAY it worked for me and I didn’t had to reboot. Your solution finally fixed the issue after so many hours of frustration. I too have the same issue with Office but only on launching Outlook. No errors in the event log but I’ve tried all the above and still have the same issue.

Method 1 If you have a previous version of Office installed, such as Office or Office , follow these steps:. It has been affecting all users of the machine.

I have tried every suggestion under the sun, and finally found one that worked for me. My problem was caused by a corrupted installation of Windows Search 4. When I uninstalled Windows Search 4. I ended up re-installing Windows Search 4. The users needed to be able to search through there Outlook email via the indexing that Windows Search 4. Then I rebooted”. I tried this and now I am having problems with multiple programs on my computer.

I tried to do a restore but that program isnt working as well. Any suggestions? It Worked. Thanks Mogulman1. For the last 72 hours I tried several installing, uninstalling and reinstalling and tried all sorts of regedits etc. All your office tools will work without that boring screen again :.

I have now tried all these, but still have the problem in Excel and Access. Do anyone have an idea where the problem is? Thanks, mogulman1. This worked like a charm. If anyone tries this, remember you need to insert spaces in the right places. It is not very clear from the message where they are. Below I have inserted underscore at each place where you need to insert a space. Change the setup. This worked perfectly. No need to edit registry or folder permissions, which is NEVER a good thing to do when any other alternative is out there to try.

The reboots are required because that’s what MS wants it to do after modifying Windows Search. This whole process took less than 10 minutes to complete. Office Office Exchange Server. Not an IT pro? Sign in. United States English. Ask a question. Quick access. Search related threads. Remove From My Forums.

Answered by:. Archived Forums. Office – Planning, Deployment, and Compatibility. This IT Professional forum is specific to the Office version. Sign in to vote. Friday, August 6, PM. This is how I fixed it: Using Regedit to locate the key for. Close Regedit, and Run Outlook, the Configuration process will run. Then close Outlook. Repeat the above for all sub keys.



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Here’s the fix. The Please wait while Windows configures Microsoft Office message can be a real drag, but fortunately, there are fixes available. When the non-admin user logs into a Windows 10 or Windows Server VDA that you might see the message “Please wait while Windows configures Microsoft. Hello,. Each time I run PI ProcessBook (version ), it lauches a “Microsoft Visual Studio Professionnal ” configuration setup like this.


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