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Zero is the world’s most popular fasting app. As seen in Women’s Health, The Tim Ferriss Show, The Drive and more. Zero is a health and weight loss application that utilises intermittent fasting and tracking tools to help you lose weight and take control. Zero, aptly named for the amount of food you eat during a fast, is a simple tracker that helps users sync a fast with their biological clock.

What is zero app.What Is Inbox Zero and How to Achieve It?


Beau Peters. Pamela Connellan. Related News. New Viral Snapchat Lens has Snapchatters in faux tears. Lucy Cooper. Marie-Antoinette Issa. Alice Duthie. More WLT News. Load More. Ranks 3 out of 29 fasting apps. Ranks 4 out of 29 fasting apps. Throughout my Zero Fasting app review, these were some of the most frequently asked questions.

I wanted to finish my Zero Fasting app review by attempting to answer these questions as best as I could find. Zero Fasting is an intermittent fasting app that helps guide you. You can even connect with experts to answer questions. You input information about yourself and the app offers a custom plan designed to help you lose weight fast.

All information it offers you is based on personal details that you’re willing to tell the app. The app itself is free and there are features available for no cost. You can either cancel the subscription by going through the website, emailing the company, or canceling through the App or Play stores. Yes, Zero Fasting is worth it. It helps you track your fasts, calories, and more, educating you on how all impact your body to equip you with knowledge.

The data analysis tools breaks down your progress, and the customer support helps connect you with experts to overcome any barriers. Andrew Brewer started FastingApps to give people the guidance that he never received when he was first starting. His goal is to make your goals achievable and to offer you only the best fasting apps that the internet has to offer. You’re not on your own – Andrew and the entire family of reviewers at FastingApps are here with you every step of the way!

We may earn commissions when you purchase apps through our links to external sources. Read our affiliate disclosure here. Skip to content Best Intermittent Fasting Apps. Zero Fasting Review. Zero Fasting App Overview. Overall Rank. Very easy to use. August Our Zero Fasting Review. Get Started Now. About the Zero Fasting App Itself. Exclusive videos, audio segments, and articles about fasting. Advanced statistics that point out correlations between fasting, weight, sleep, etc..

Expert panels who are ready to answer your questions. Ranks 2 out of 29 fasting apps. Zero Fasting Alternatives. Zero’s members have lost millions of pounds, reversed disease, and unlocked youthful energy to help them live longer, healthier lives. Because I was more focused, I was improving as a father, husband, and employee. However, the number one reason I keep using Zero is because it gives me so much more mental stamina. Create mindful habits that increase your healthspan and lifespan.

Turn the research on longevity into simple daily actions that help you achieve and maintain your healthy weight. Track your everyday wins and watch them add up to big victories over time.

This is a great app. Very user-friendly, and I love that it checks in on you to see how you are doing, keeping you accountable. I have really enjoyed the Zero app! I enjoy the articles, too! Thanks for making this app accessible and so easy to use! This app has been essential in my weight loss journey.

Reading about the different phases my body goes through has also helped keep me motivated. Very well designed, with great tools for motivation like streak tracking, badges, etc.

The fasting Timer and notifications are great. Best investment which helped me get my weight down. Live a healthy life and fast to improve my focus, energy, and mood. I eat a lot healthier and have lost 50 pounds. Simple and easy to use. Love the fact that you can end your fast from the watch. I cannot thank the Zero team enough for creating this well-polished app. Zero, along with a healthy ketogenic diet, helped me lose over lbs — and still going strong! I love this app.


What is zero app.Zero (Fasting App) Review


The coaching content is simple and easy to follow, and comes with small actionable steps with the ability to implement the changes outlined directly into your fasting plan. The explore tab is where you can broaden your knowledge around fasting, health and improving your well being.

You can check out the latest trending videos and tidbits of information the Zero experts have to offeror sign up for a fasting challenge with thousands of other Zero users to help you kick your fasting into gear.

The explore tab is clear and concise and the addition of video content is a huge bonus. Helping users who struggle with large blocks of text, or just want to have it broken down to you without the hassle. We would have loved to have a search bar to help users find the exact content to answer the questions and challenges they face each day. Guiding you through and allowing you to firmiliarise yourself with the platform, coaches and connect with your friends taking the stress out of trying something new.

This is up there with some of our favourite fasting platforms like Simple and Fastic. Zero provides simple and easy to follow educational content with clearly outlined steps to implement change into your fasting routine. The addition of video content is a massive bonus. It is warm and engaging and takes the hassle out of learning something new.

For the most part, the Zero experience was smooth and enjoyable but at times we found it to be a little bit clunky. A basic search or filter function would allow users to wade through the content library and answer their queries and questions as they arise, educating users and helping them take control over their journey and feel empowered.

Zero, along with a healthy ketogenic diet, helped me lose over lbs — and still going strong! I love this app. It is really worth every penny. I am moving forward on my health goals, and I am more informed now than ever about fasting and getting results. I love it! All it takes is making the decision to do and feel your best, hit that button, and get Zero. Zero is the best app that I have on my phone. Thank you so much! I love Zero. Deceptively simple to use, with complex science solidly backing it.

This has become a lifestyle choice for both my wife and I — and we are loving the health benefits from it already. Zero is based on dozens of peer-reviewed studies and developed with our Scientific Advisory Board. Peter Attia, MD. Physician and Founder of Attia Medical, PC, focusing on the applied science of longevity and optimal performance.

Nicole Grant, RD. Certified Nutrition Support Specialist. Rich LaFountain, PhD. Kinesiology Researcher and Science Writer. Kristi Storoschuk, BSc. Muscle Physiology and Metabolic Health Researcher. David B. Allison, PhD. Eric Ravussin, PhD. You won’t always see the progress on yourself too quickly so having the statistics section showing you your progress is a fantastic addition. My favorite feature of Zero Fasting is the direct contact it offers.

You can submit your questions to a panel of experts who will respond directly and provide you the one-on-one contact that could get you through whatever obstacle you’re facing. The advanced statistics are a fantastic way to get into the details of what your body is experiencing. The more you know about how fasting is affecting you, the more you can do to benefit yourself. I do have to say that the price is the major drawback of this service.

It’s a hefty price that certainly left me questioning whether it was worth it or not. After checking out the extra features and comparing them to competing apps, it became clear to me that the price was fair. Here is a quick summation of what I found while reviewing the Zero Fasting app. I broke it down into what worked for me and what left me wanting more. The Zero Fasting app has tons of features that couldn’t be fit into the pros and cons section so this is just the tip of the review.

I also like the weight tracker and the graph where you can see your weight loss progress. Everytime I switch to a new phone, I never forget to install this. It’s a must-have app for me. Compared to other apps on the market, the Zero Fasting app is decently large. It won’t require too much space on your phone to download, but you do need to ensure that there is at least You’ll need either iOS There is a free version and a Zero Plus version which requires a subscription.

Here is a look at what users can get from Zero Plus:. There seem to be a couple of pricing options available to users who want to go with the pro version. When you first download Zero Fasting, you have access to the fast timer, library, journal, and statistics sections for free.

If you want access to custom content, videos, audio lessons, advanced statistics, and community interaction, you’ll have to subscribe to the pro version.

While it’s a rather hefty price, the quality of the app does justify the cost. You can customize your content, access exclusive videos and help guides to get you into fasting, and a vast online community that is going through it all by your side.

It might be a tough price to swallow, but when compared to other fasting apps , it’s well worth the price. If you decide that the app isn’t for you or you find something else and don’t want to renew for another year, you can always cancel your subscription with ease. Go into the App Store or the Google Play store and locate the subscriptions tab.

Select the Zero Fasting app and cancel your subscription. You can also go through their website or send them an email for detailed info. It’s fair to ask whether or not your information is safe with Zero Fasting. It’s taking information about your body and storing it on an online server which can certainly be worrying. Luckily, this app ensures that your information is protected and won’t be sold to any companies or services.


What is zero app.Zero Fasting Review


The Zero Fasting app is a simple concept executed well and all you need to get started with intermittent fasting. These fasting options include:. The first tab is your timer. For each fast, there is a logging summary. This screen includes your progress towards your end goal, you can share it with your friends on social media. Here you can add a feeling emoji with a text box. The history tab shows the number of completed fasts, your longest fast and other useful facts.

The Journey tabs keeps a record of all of your fasts. Brisbane-based technology reviewer and writer, Emma Crameri is a regular contributor for Women Love Tech.

Passionate about all things tech, she has worked on ICT projects, online education and digital marketing. An early adopter, with both Android and Apple devices, Emma is also the Editor of the Brisbanista website. Journalist verified by. Giulia Sirignani. Emeric Brard. Women Love Tech. How To Overcome Burnout. Beau Peters. Pamela Connellan. Related News. New Viral Snapchat Lens has Snapchatters in faux tears. Lucy Cooper. Marie-Antoinette Issa. Alice Duthie. More WLT News. Load More. Search for: Search Button.

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