Inogen One G2 Accessories

The Inogen One G2 Compact Oxygen Concentrator incorporates extras that are intended for making life for the patient as simple as could be expected. They permit the patient to ship the G2 bother free in any setting. The Inogen One G2 embellishments might be utilized at home, in a vehicle or most open air conditions. The frill incorporate the convey pack, portable truck, battery and nasal cannula.

Convey Sack

The Sack gives a defensive cover a handle and shoulder lash to permit the patient to convey the G2. The Inogen One G2 can be worked silicone nasal cannula battery power while moving with the Convey Sack.

Versatile Truck

The versatile truck has haggles extending handle to give simple vehicle of the Inogen One G2. The G2 can be worked while utilizing the portable truck. The versatile truck is not difficult to utilize, simply place the convey sack over the truck, and ensure the truck handle is embedded between the flexible lash toward the rear of the convey pack and toward the front of the convey sack and its fit to be utilized.

24 Cell Battery-powered Lithium Particle Battery

The Particle battery drives the Inogen One G2 without interfacing it to an outside power source. At the point when completely energized, the will can give somewhere in the range of 4 and 8 active times relying upon stream setting. The battery re-energizes when appropriately introduced in the G2 and the concentrator in associated with an air conditioner or DC power source. Re-energizing time is as long as 8 hours for a completely energized battery.

Nasal Cannula

A nasal cannula should be utilized with the Inogen One G2 to give oxygen from the concentrator to the patient. A solitary lumen cannula up to 25 feet long to guarantee legitimate breath recognition and oxygen conveyance is suggested.

Carrier DC 4-Pin Power Information Link

DC 4-Pin Power Fitting is for utilizing during trips to charge the Inogen One G2. A few carriers don’t have the port or won’t permit it, so if it’s not too much trouble, check with the carrier for power port accessibility.

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